Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My Updated Learning Goals 2017

This Term I have updated my learning goals in Tuhituhi, Pangarau, Panui Pukapuka but my personal goal is still the same.


  1. You have worked hard to get your previous goals completed way to go son. I see that one of your goals is to work on checking with someone else if you are unsure. I enjoy when we go over your work at home so that is a good time for you to check over. I also love that you have got a sport goal on where you want to be when you grow up. Work hard my son and you can do or be anything you want. I look forward to seeing you achieve these new goals.

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    1. Kia ora Bex, thanks for your comment. It is great to see you supporting Rocky's learning goals and it was awesome to be able to discuss these with you at the learning conference. Ngā mihi.


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