Friday, 8 June 2018

Creative Writing.

WALT create a piece of writing which includes 5 word were pink huge bridge speinkled and daffodil. Hi there my name is Tom and i am in the hospital and i black out for 4 days and i am going to war in 4 days and i don't want to go but i am going to go to fight for my country.4 days after i went to the huber and then i went on the big boat the boat called hold 4,0000 people and there were 2 boats so that is 8,0000 people all together.the days came on the boat 4 days it took to get there then we arrived at vetnamer then the war began we had to walk on a Bridge and there was a rapid ander neth us.then we went we had to dig aro own chrenchis and we had no backup then there was a huge canin that fiidid at us we were almost finished but it blow up the grand then more dirt came in the creche then we ceped on digging then we finish we all jumped in then we all started to shot then i got shot i was the 900 prusin to get shot i pass away then we won the war the war was 2 years then Daffodil grow on the war bass then a pink fairy came and sprinkled some poshin on me then i came back to life then i said what happened.Then i said how do i get home she said i will get a boat i said how i will just imagined it oh ok i said then she said run it is waiting for you ok then i ran my little heat out.Then i got to the boat then i jumped on the boat then they took me to my home town.Then i seen all my friends then i said hi how are you going they replied i am good they said me i said good.

Friday, 18 May 2018

My Magical Creature 100 WC

WALT describe a magical creature that lives in a pink lake of aniaml hospital. 

  The half human and half robot story. I was walking in the desert, and then I came across an emergency centre then. I called For help but they didn't here me so I went closer to the emergency centre then the people herd me . they said come over then I seen a pink swamp in my head I was think that. something that would come out of the swamp and eat me. Man at this time I was thinking what is in that hospital there could be dragons in there so then they walked me in.Then there was big half human and half robot and then.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Rata and the Waka.

We have been doing some critical thinking with the story of Rata and his Waka

Friday, 22 September 2017

The piano

WALT write a descriptive piece of writing from the old mans point of view as he recalls his memories .
Hello I am playing my very old piano in 2017 24 of September and I am in a  very dark room and I remembering my family  I am very sad because some of my family has died and I want to remember my family that has died the first person that I thought of was my wife then my first teardrop came out of my blue eyes and then another teardrop came out of my eye again so then more  cept coming and then I thought of something  and this one was about the world war one of my brothers went to  war so did I it was not fun went at October 2018 I said to my please don’t died he was going to go by himself but then someone poshed me on the buot

Te ngahere

walt about te ngahere the rakau the kararehe the manu and the risks to the fotest  .